audio storyteller & journalist

About Me

Who am I?


I'm an audio journalist and recent graduate from Tufts University, where I studied political science and sociology. I have a passion for audio storytelling and am eager to use the power of the mic to share important stories and connect to listeners. Through freelance work, internships, courses, and independent projects, I've honed my skills in reporting, research, interviews, writing, and audio production. When I'm not podcasting, you can find me solving crossword puzzles or making unnecessarily ambitious baked goods for friends and family.

Academic Background


At a school that doesn't offer a journalism major, I got to shape my own. Political science gave me a foundation to understand complex current events, while my sociology major focused on media, culture, and society, allowing me to process the links between the media, politics, and public opinion.

Where am I?


You can find me in the heart of New York, NY.